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Nursery and Preschools

Alderman Swindell School

Beresford Rd, Great Yarmouth NR30 4AB, UK – 01493 842055

Great school couldnt ask for a better school.

Best school by far, in and around great yarmouth

Penguin Preschool

Newtown Methodist Church/Caister Rd, Great Yarmouth NR30 4DB, UK – 01493 851101

Primary and Secondary Schools

Great Yarmouth Primary Academy

Dickens Ave, Great Yarmouth NR30 3DT, UK – 01493 855304

since my step-son has been at this school from the age of 4 & now he is 8 year old. i think the school has improved. with working parent its great that there is a breakfast club & its free & enrichment till 17.00 which is great for the children & parents. as they get to do activaties they wouldnt do any other time or school & the after school club helps. he is now in year 3 & the teachers & headmaster has strickened up on attendance. my step-son attendence is at 80% which is treible & if he was in a suffolk school his mother would of been taken to court. im hopping they will tighten this up more. as he is such a bright young man & if only his attendance was in the 90%+ he would be doing year 4 work. keep up the good work.

North Denes School

Jellicoe Rd, Great Yarmouth NR30 4HF, UK – 01493 842063

Not a bad school, some old staff stuck in there ways but hopefully things will start to improve

Keep the school open

Trafalgar College

Thamesfield Way, Great Yarmouth NR31 0DH, UK – 01493 738111

Wow, this school has indeed shown me what it means to be an edgy meme lord. Fortnite for the win Follow Logan Paul and Jake Paul Dab on them haters Rap to Ricegum and make sure to give zucc

This school guided me to the light, it has shown me the true meaning of our existence and why we live upon this earth. Why we evolved to be what we are today, meme on my brothers. *mic drop*

Public & Preparatory Schools

Great Yarmouth Charter Academy

Salisbury Rd, Great Yarmouth NR30 4LS, UK – 01493 842061

10/10 would learn again XD, i would be very happy to send my child Justyn Thomas, he is a fat greasy haired annoying boy, he is rude to teachers and cant keep his big mouth shut in class, he likes to disrespect others, pick on kids and be blatantly rude which is why i want to send him to charter as he doesn't know what 1x2 is, mean while my son Ruben needs more help as he skipped every year up till 11 as he didn't want to go to school, please help my children as they don't know a lot.

Good place to learn because my daughter Aisha goes there and she loves it there.

Novaturient School

22 Euston Rd, Great Yarmouth NR30 1EA, UK – 01493 886332