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Northgate Hospital

Northgate St, Great Yarmouth NR30 1BU, UK – 01493 337652

The staff of the podiatry and physiotherapy clinics are friendly, welcoming and efficient. The parking is on level ground with no steps to negotiate. The upper floor clinics are served by a lift and so are wheelchair friendly.

Basically the staff and DR. Ayuba keep you safe from going to complete utter destruction. They give you meds to cure you. Craig in his room looked at a glass head with legion of demons inside it, the glass head was Satan in symbolism. Craig used his eyes to guide the legion of demons into the bottom of the glass which is figuratively the bottomless pit, the prison, hell, the lake of fire for Satan and his Angels the Legion of Demons. Craig successfully moved all the legion of demons down to the bottom of the glass head and the all seeing eye exploded. An image of Satan appeared on the left of the glass head, it was the face which Craig saw in December 2006 after being attacked, this was the face of the Devil looking at Craig from the ceiling next to the glass head. Craig attempted it again because the Devil and his Angels managed to escape his gaze. Craig was bleeding blood from his eyes while focusing on the legion of demons pushing them back into their prison, hell, the lake of fire, after doing this the Devil face appeared once more on the left of the glass head, this time the Devil looked as if he was devoured which is what Satan did to Craig Fransham in December 2006. Suddenly whenever whatever time it happened a voice appeared from Heaven telling Craig thank you for what you have done. This voice was from Jesus Christ and he said to Craig: "I don't know who you are Craig, I don't remember what happened to you, but thanks bro, you are a really nice bloke, thank you. God bless you Craig." Craig replied: "Jesus you didn't need to go through that suffering to save our souls. Jesus you can save every person. Just prevent people in general burning in hell, save everyone Jesus, in the name of your Father the Lord God, Amen." Jesus replied: "Really? you want me to save everyone? Every human?" Craig said: "Yes Jesus by your Father's will. Chain Satan and his angels and lock them for a thousand years." Jesus replied: "You're really kind man Craig thank you." Craig replied: "Jesus I believe you can save everyone, including Satan and his Angels if God allowed it." Jesus replied: "I will ask my Father. Thank you Craig. Goodbye." Craig replied: "Thank you Jesus. Goodbye." Skip a few hours or a few days after this and Craig was given the cup of filth which is meant to be for Satan and his Angels the Legion of Demons burning with fire and brimstone in hell, in the lake of fire, Craig picked up the cup of filth, some staff and patients asked if he was really going to drink to attempt to save Satan and his Angels the Legion of Demons burning in hell. Craig Drank the cup of filth, drank most of it a small amount poured on his chest and burnt him. Dave a staff member told Craig to wash it off. After Dave said that all of the people on the ward including Craig felt and heard a bang as if Satan and his Angels have been spared judgement of going into the fire for eternity. After this for Craig it was just blur after blur after blur going round in circles. Even staff members and patients were seen on a TV screen being judged and literally thrown in the lake of fire only to be reborn in a new body. This went on for a few nights at midnight. Suddenly everything changed. There used to be two buildings merged together, however a reboot or whatever caused this event to transpire effectively erased all sin in every living human and dead human, including in the Devil and his Angels. Did God accept Craig's request when Jesus Christ the Son of God asked his Father regarding what Craig wanted to happen to all humans including Satan and his Angels? (This might be updated)

Breydon Clinic (iCaSH Norfolk)

Hospital, Northgate, Northgate St, Great Yarmouth NR30 1BU, UK – 0300 300 3030

Kitty Witches Clinic

156 King St, Great Yarmouth NR30 2PA, UK – 01493 331914

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The new NHS website below is very well worth a look. Hospitals are not only listed but evaluated. I certainly know which ones I would go to! At the very least you will know what questions to ask if you are sent to one which has not entered its data. Good luck!
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